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Spoiler or conjecture? You decide.

This could be entirely based on conjecture, but we’ve been informed that a large part of the basic storyline will feature the OT characters being “retired.” Luke has been a Jedi for 30 years, helping […]

Jun, 07 · in Conjecture,Submitted

Many leaks…

Check out all of these leaked photos. And more coming soon!

Jun, 03 · in Media,Production News

Leaked set pics!

Despite JJ’s overwhelming need for secrecy, some pics have leaked from the set of Episode 7. Some cool set pieces, some extras and a lot of awesomeness. Check TMZ for the pics!

Jun, 02

Stunt testing?

May, 30

Be in Episode 7?

As part of a new initiative, Star Wars: Force For Change, Disney and Lucasfilm are offering an opportunity to be in Episode 7! Also noteworthy in the video is the great practical effects for the […]

May, 21

Report: Driver and Ridley to play siblings

An anonymous tipster, wanting to be known as Magneto’s Friend, has informed us that Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley will be playing siblings and the children of Han and Leia. The source further informs us […]

May, 14


The Motley Fool reports that three spin off films have been announced, with two being the stories of Boba Fett and Han Solo. Interesting to see. What will we get? How Han met Chewbacca? Is […]

May, 09